Grassoline Brand Liquid Fish Fertilizer 2-3-0 4 Litre

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Available in: 1 Litre, 4 Litre, 20 Litre, 205 Litre Barrel, 1040 Litre IBC Container and Bulk.

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Grassoline All purpose organic fish fertilizer 2-3-0


Grassoline 2-3-0 is derived from Grassoline 2-0-0. The product has been stabilized with phosphoric acid to allow for packaging in smaller containers.

Grassoline 2-3-0 still holds all of the nutritional benefits that Grassoline 2-0-0 has, as well as the added phosphoric acid to improve your plants root structure.

Grassoline organic certified liquid fish fertilizers come in the following sizes:

GRASSOLINE 2-3-0 popular uses:

Grassoline All purpose organic fish fertilizer uses


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