We create the highest quality landscape products and fish fertilizers for home and commercial use.

Renuable Resources Ltd. is a Campbell River based company incorporated in 1996. Together with Segma Contracting, owned by the same proprietor, the companies combine 35 years of salvaging waste wood and organic materials, producing value added products.
Renuable Resources Ltd. through the delivery of environmental services, provides a cleaner environment, meaningful long term employment and offers a range of products and services that enhance economic growth and diversity.
Renuable Resources Ltd. through state-of-the-art environmental technology and consulting, provides services that help traditional resource-based industries become more efficient, productive and environmentally responsible.

Message from the President

“We not only have a responsibility to ourselves and our children to handle our resources and our waste materials in an environmentally responsible manner, but also to the rest of the world and to our fragile planet itself!

The Provincial Solid Waste Management Act is what prompted me to expand our recycling business. That and the obvious waste of good-quality wood and other organic materials. I was watching usable resource material being buried in our landfills or going up in smoke through open burning. It didn’t make sense to be wasteful or pollute the environment when there are more responsible alternatives. The more research I did, in the States primarily, the more my idea made sense. I made it my mission to do something about it.

Unlike certain logging and mining undertakings where environmental groups and the public have protested for the environment at the expense of jobs, our facility offers jobs plus benefits to the environment while producing high quality value added products.

We offer services to a broad range of waste-creating industries, we are diverse and not subject to any one industry for our survival. While utilizing waste materials we are producing some of the highest quality fish compost fertilizer, GRASSOLINE liquid fish fertilizer, top soils, ‘Fish & Chips’, and bark mulch gardening products  for our customers on Vancouver Island.”

Our staff all believe in our motto to renew, recycle and reuse with  environmental responsibly

Steve Morton,

CEO and President,
Renuable Resources Ltd