State of the Art Fish Waste Handling Facility

Renuable Resources Ltd offers environmentally responsible solutions for dealing with waste materials.

We have been producing a value-added Fish Compost fertilizer product and a ‘Fish & Chips’ product found nowhere else but at our 17 acre facility since 1996. Back then, we were the only out door composting facility with a electro floc waste water treatment system in place.

In 2003 Renuable Resources Ltd started research into finding better ways of dealing with fish waste other than through traditional outdoor composting. We have since set up a closed contained system where all fish waste is kept in a series of tanks with zero impact on the environment or the local wildlife. We digest the fish into a pure liquid state to produce a liquid fish fertilizer product called GRASSOLINE. This product is CFIA approved and registered with the fertilizers division # 2009041D and OMRI listed as organic. The current site has a holding capacity of 500,000 gallons of finished product and we are currently expanding this facility to hold larger amounts in the future. We have an unlimited capacity for accepting fish waste here at our Renuable Resources facility and can take fish in by tanker truck, totes or anything we can off-load with a fork lift. We have 35 metric-ton truck scale on site.

Renuable Resources Ltd has been investing in specialized equipment to produce a dried product as well. This will be on sale soon. We strive to continually diversify and come up with new environmentally responsible ideas of turning waste materials into recovered resources while producing value added products.

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