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Super soil is a blend of 1/3 sand, 1/3 top soil, and 1/3 fish compost.

This blend is ideal for garden beds or new lawns. You get the best of all worlds with this blend.  The soil retains moisture. The sand keeps the soil lose and fluffy and extra organic and nutrient values are supplied with the fish compost.

This super soil product is a blend of one third top soil, one third sand, and one third organic fish compost.  This blended product gives you the benefit of allowing your garden plants or lawn the ease for root growth along with the sand and organic fish compost keeping the product loose while also giving you the organic fertilizer boost.  The super soil blend will also help retain moisture in the soil saving you the need for extra watering.

Super soil blend is a great product for flower gardens, new lawns, top dressing existing lawns, and gardens.  Super soil Is also a great soil used for vegetable gardens and for planting new shrubs or trees.

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