Organic & Wood Waste Recycling Facility

The Renuable Resources facility located at 4001 Mid Port Road in the Campbell River industrial park was established in 1996 to offer an alternative to open burning and burying of organic and wood waste materials.  These potential resource materials were being wasted and contributing to polluting the environment and the filling up of landfills with recylable materials.  Unfortunatly these practises still continue in this area.  Our site is available for those who care about the environment and recycling.  We have a 35 tonne metric weigh scale on site for accurate weigh-ins.  We pride ourselves at being cheaper than the local landfill and providing a real alternative to traditional landfill practices.  100% of what arrives at our facility is recycled and turned into value added products.  We accept Visa Mastercard & interact.   The following materials are accepted here.

Stumps . Branches . Leaves . Grass . Wood Pallets . Sawdust . Bark . Broken Concrete & Asphalt . Stone . Rock . Manure ( Horse or Cow ) . Fish Waste . Dryland Sort Debris . Log & Log Ends . Scrap Metal & Steel.

Renuable Resources is a one-stop-shop.  You can recycle all of your yard waste materials and leave with value added landscaping products chosen from the largest selection in the Campbell River area.

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